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Steps to Becoming A Firefighter

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If you are interested in becoming a firefighter, some things need to be done in order for you to succeed. First there is training, then the application process which includes background checks, physicals, and a health exam. Every fire department in the country have their own specific requirements for those who want to apply to work with them. Guidelines in most fire departments are similar. You must complete fire academy training in all cases. Becoming certified to respond to fire emergencies is necessary because without it you are not only putting your own life at risk, but the lives of others.

The first thing you must go through is the application process itself. This is similar to the process of many other jobs in that a background and criminal history check will be done to ensure you have a clean record. They especially look for any previous charges of arson or other fire related crimes. A clean background check is important because your job will be to provide the public with a safe environment to live in. Most fire departments require a physical exam and a psychological exam to ensure that you are up for the tasks and stresses of the job. After the application process is complete, you will be ready to learn all the essentials in fire fighting at the fire academy.

The fire academy is where all applicants will learn about fire as well as the different techniques for extinguishing them. They learn about the proper use of equipment and carry out many fire rescue procedure drills until they have them memorized. The science of fire is taught and is very important to learn. You cannot help fight an enemy you know nothing about so learning about everything associated with fire is very important for your job. After your fire academy is completed, you will be able to be placed in a fire department so that you can get the hands on experience that you need. You might have to work without pay until you can be hired on as a full time firefighter. There is usually a waiting list at each fire department to be hired on professionally.

becoming-a-firefighterAfter finishing the application process and fire academy, you are officially a firefighter. You have the certification to be recognized as a firefighter. Most importantly, are the qualities you will have inside yourself and how you have grown as a person. These qualities cannot be taught in any school. You will have patience, dedication, honesty, and a deep love for the job you’ve set out to achieve. You will have the confidence to say that you are a firefighter. Once you have the requirements to become a firefighter you will be able to get started on your journey to save the lives of many in a community that has given so much to you. Most importantly, it is a way to give back to the firefighters who spend each and every day saving lives, becoming heroes in the eyes of others.

Improve Fire Safety with Smoke Detectors

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Whether you call them smoke alarms, or smoke detectors, these small devices are a very important addition to any household. Having smoke detectors installed will ensure that you are alerted to a possible house fire before it is too late. It will give you the time you need to contact the fire department and most importantly, get everyone out of the home safely. One of the reasons why fire related deaths are so high is because people are often asleep when fires start. Because people are asleep they will often not wake up and realize that there is a fire in time to get out safely. Smoke detectors can be purchased from most hardware stores for around $15. You may also want to contact your local fire department for information on how to install and maintain your smoke alarm so that it functions effectively.

In the event of a house fire, smoke is actually the number one cause of death. Most people who die as the result of a fire were killed by suffocation. Smoke removes oxygen from the air around it, making it very difficult or impossible to breathe. If you are asleep in a room and smoke starts filling the space, you are at a great risk of not waking up in time to get out quickly and safely. The more smoke in a room, the darker it becomes, and the harder it will be to navigate your way out. The best thing you can do if you wake up in a room filled with smoke is to stay as low as possible while trying to get out. There will be much more oxygen near the floor than there will be if you’re standing up, because smoke naturally rises. Whatever you do, if there is a house fire your first priority should be getting you and your family out safely. Do not go back into the house for any other reason, such as to get material items out of the home. If you do not have firefighter training, or the requirements to become a firefighter you will not know how to safely enter the home. Just worry about getting out alive, leave the rest to the firemen.

smoke-detectorSmoke alarms must be installed and cared for properly for them to be effective at all times. Every smoke alarm in your home should be tested monthly. This is normally done by pushing a button on the smoke detector, which will then sound the alarm so you know it’s working. Smoke alarms normally have batteries but some can be hard wired into the home so batteries are not needed. It is a good idea to have both types installed so at least one will be effective even if the power goes out, or if the batteries are dead. Smoke alarms need to be taken seriously, so if you find that yours is malfunctioning and sounding the alarm even when there is no smoke, you may want to consider replacing it. Otherwise, you will be conditioned to ignore the alarm, and may not react properly in the event of a fire.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, the smoke alarm is your first line of defense. It allows you to notify the fire department so they can get there faster, and minimize damage to your home. More importantly, it can save your life, and the lives of your family members. The cost of a smoke detector is minimal compared to how much you can save. By adding smoke detectors to every room of your house, you are adding a sense of security to you and your family’s lives.