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Types of Emergency Workers

January 27, 2009 by  
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The term emergency worker is used to describe a variety of job titles. Although firefighting jobs are included in that list, the United States government has a listing of the various classes of emergency workers, and what is expected of them. We’re going to look at the different labels for emergency workers, and what their jobs require during a time of emergency or disaster.

Before you even enter a disaster situation, Administration workers are there to manage and coordinate support activities as well as directing and recruiting. Their jobs also include technical, clerical, and administrative duties.

Firefighters are one major class of emergency worker. They go through firefighter training to learn how to fight fire related emergencies, but can also help out with medical issues as well as search and rescue missions. Those with firefighter jobs educate the general public about fire safety and hazards and have a heightened awareness of the dangers involved in different types of fires.

Pilots are also considered to be emergency workers and are necessary to assist in not only flying planes, but also search and rescue efforts in a disaster. Aviation workers must be licensed by the Federal Aviation administration, and all their aircraft must be approved by them.

Communications workers set up communication posts in an emergency. This enables contact to be made where it normally wouldn’t be possible. These workers are educated in the laws governing state and local emergency communications directives.

Engineering workers have a very busy job which consists of activities involving structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering. They are responsible for rebuilding permanent posts, and temporary shelters. They can maintain highways, streets, and bridges.

General emergency workers are used in many disaster situations and are used when needed. Unlike many other types of emergency workers, they don’t specialize in any one form of emergency. These workers may be called to help bag sand for a sand wall during a flood, or they may be called upon to join in search parties or assist in handling casualties during a disaster. They work whenever and wherever they are needed most. By law, they are required to register as a temporary emergency worker every time they help in a disaster situation.

Law enforcement workers such as police are responsible for upholding the laws of their particular city and state. To the best of their ability, they have sworn to protect and serve their communities.

firefighter-training-dummyMass care emergency workers help hand out clothes, food, and other necessities in the event of a disaster. They help land evacuations and manage mass care centers. These emergency workers provide as much help as necessary to people who have survived a disaster.

Although there are many types of emergency workers that exist, they are all completely necessary. They are essentially the glue which holds our society together and without them our world would be chaotic and unsafe. Emergency workers provide us with peace of mind. They sacrifice their time and occasionally their lives for other people and are truly selfless.