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Who are the brave men and women who respond to our fire related 911 emergency calls? Do we really know who they are? Maybe not personally, but we know them. These are the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters and possibly some of the bravest male and female firefighters of the world. We should familiarize ourselves with the firefighters of our communities. All it takes is a brief trip to your local fire department. Simply introduce yourself and listen to the heroic stories that the male and female firefighter has to share.

Lack of community support often makes firefighters feel cut off from the rest of the community. Firefighters are no different from you or me, other than they have been extensively trained to have life saving skills, and have learned the art of fire prevention and suppression. Most fire departments try to reach out to the community by hosting money raising events. Like everyone else, the holidays are important to the firefighters of the community. Often they will have fun little get-togethers for members of the community so that they can educate people on fire safety skills.

Fire departments will have a special member or officer who will visit schools so he or she can assist in educating young children on the importance of fire safety, and how to react in the case of a fire. The famous stop, drop, and roll skill is taught to all children at various ages so that they have the skills to put out a fire on their bodies if needed. Children love to learn about firefighters and how important they are as members of a community.

If you are looking for a way to help your local fire department, and show them the community support that they deserve, try becoming a volunteer firefighter. If you decide to do this, it is important to keep some points in mind when engaging in this type of activity. Start slowly and try not to overdo it. It is best to speak with the fire chief or mayor and make them aware of your ideas for volunteering. They will let you know where volunteer firefighters are needed. It may not be where you want to be, but it is where you are needed.

When recruiting others to volunteer with you, maintain control of the group as a whole, and personally. The fire department already have a full load of work and are very busy, so they do not need additional work. Keep the volunteer group to a number you can easily control and manage. The people in your group should genuinely wish to help and not try to control the fire department.

local-fire-departmentCommunication is very important. Keep open lines between the fire chief, the mayor, and yourself. By having open communication you will show that the volunteers are going to help and not just cause problems. Be sure that you understand everything that is said as this will enable you and others to help appropriately, keeping problems to a minimum.

It is a fun and rewarding experience to support your local fire department. Do not try to fix or change the fire department, just offer your assistance where it is needed the most. Always approach the proper officials in a kind, respectful, and open manner. Share your ideas, and listen to what they have to say. Possible support you could provide can range from cooking for them, to running a fundraising charity. Work together with them as this is how a community stays together.

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