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Firefighting Museums

In the United States alone, the number of museums that exist for the sole purpose of educating people about, and creating memorials for fallen firefighters, has grown dramatically. Most of these museums are run on donations, and are a great place to visit for those interested in firefighter history. These museums help keep the memory of fallen firefighters alive. Although firefighter museums are often small, in the United States, there is one in almost every state. Each museum holds pieces of history, which tell stories of long forgotten firefighter traditions and keeping the memories of these men and women alive. Educating people about firefighter history is essential to our culture because not many people know even a small amount of firefighter history. It is part of the history of our great nation and is what defines us as a whole. Being aware of our past can teach us valuable lessons and help us to plan for the future.

These male and female firefighters are brave men and women who have sacrificed themselves to save others, as well as their families. The family members of firefighters are not recognized often enough. They provided strength and love to these firefighters while they were alive and it takes an emotionally and physically strong person to be the mate of a firefighter. These family members of firefighters lost parts of their hearts and lives when their firefighter was lost. Museums do help, even if it is only in a small way, by keeping the memories of these brave firefighters alive long after they are gone. The museums proudly display their actions and bravery to the world. These firefighters are heroes, and should be treated like heroes.

The history of firefighting is very fascinating. It evolved over time and turned into the major occupation that we know of today. The changes in equipment and tools used by firefighters have changed drastically since just the 1970′s. Firefighters used to wear plain rubber boots and jackets. The firefighter costume has changed quite a bit since then. They now wear special hoods made of flame resistant materials, a breathing apparatus that aids in less inhalation of smoke or gasses, and helmets, which have special face visors. With all of the changes that have been made in the firefighting industry, who knows what the future will bring? Things we do not even think are possible now may be around ten or twenty years from now. Can you imagine what people in the future will think about the equipment and methods used today?

firefighter-museumI recommend that you visit the nearest firefighter museum to you so that you can completely immerse yourself in their world for a while. You will leave with knowledge you did not have before, and an understanding of what firefighters go through on a regular basis. You will be able to see what an average day is like for a firefighter, and gain a stronger appreciation for the jobs they perform. These brave firefighters have given so much of themselves while asking for little in return. Most of the time the price to enter, if there is one, is donated to fallen firefighters families or to buy new equipment for active fire fighters. Its a great way to spend the afternoon. Most of the time they have great gear and artifacts to look at that are from centuries past. Its amazing they were even able to put fires out with some of the ancient equipment.

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