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Aviation Firefighters

Airports are very busy places. Planes come and go and people are in and out all the time. So who can help when there is an accident that involves chemicals or fire? Aviation firefighters do. Aviation firefighters are a mini fire department inside the regular fire department. Their job is to quickly respond to any call involving airports or planes. Much of the aviation firefighter training is the same as the training for regular firefighting jobs, however there are some differences. They need to be trained to work under special conditions, and they are taught to treat different types of wounds. We’re going to take an up close and personal look at aviation firefighters, so we can understand more about these differences, and what their specialized jobs entail.

The majority of plane crashes occur over water. When a plane crashes, aviation firefighters are called to the scene to help. They have the ability to respond to the situation quickly and responsibly. They use motor vehicles and also watercraft to assist in evacuating people who are in life threatening situations. They remain calm in the face of danger and make immediate decisions that will help best in each particular situation. Their first aid skills are far above basic training, and their training is constantly refreshed with current information during the entire length of their jobs. While aviation firemen use much of the same equipment as regular firemen, they have access to other tools and chemicals which are to be used for more advanced situations and fires. It is mandatory that aviation firemen have a total understanding of, and the ability to use a wide variety of equipment. In addition to regular fire hoses, they can also use foam sprayers, complex monitors, and machines. Not only do they need to have the knowledge and skills to use this advanced equipment, but they must also be educated in the care and maintenance of this equipment. This way, all fire vehicles, equipment, and hoses will be in top condition when they need to use it.

In addition to saving human lives, and extinguishing fires, aviation firefighters must also keep the environment in mind. They always use the more efficient course of action for the given situation at the emergency site in order to minimize any environmental impact. Even when there are no emergencies, aviation firemen are hard at work in the airports Fire Control Centers making sure that all safety rules and regulations are being followed. By doing this, they help keep flight take offs and landings safe for everyone involved. They also conduct regular inspections of anything concerning fire safety, such as the fire alarms in the airport. Aviation firefighters are also important for updating and educating all airport employees of changes made to safety routines, while organizing periodic fire drills to ensure everyone is able to react properly in a state of emergency. Airports are filled with constant activity so the firefighters job is a busy one.

aviation-firefightersAviation firemen have to be in peak physical condition to do their jobs. They are trained to dive underwater while wearing a breathing apparatus, and must be strong swimmers. While the physical demands are intense, the nature of the job requires it. To find out more information about aviation firemen, contact your local fire department or airport. You can’t truly appreciate an aviation firefighter unless you know them, and what they’re capable of. It takes a special breed of person. They need nerves of steel, really good eyesight, and the ability to accurately control and use all of there hands and feet to navigate and control the helicopter. It also helps if you have a high level of skill with math and are not afraid of heights as you will be up in the air most of the day of course.


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    I think that aviation firefighters are up there with the Coastguard if you ask me.

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