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Fire Escape Planning

One way to make sure your family is always safe in the case of a fire is to plan a successful fire escape route in your home. Make sure you practice with regular fire drills so that in the case of a fire, everybody knows what to do. Every year, over four thousand people die in house fires. Educating your children on fire safety will be beneficial to them for the rest of their lives. It will give them confidence and help them control their actions if a fire does start in your home. By including children in all fire safety planning, they will know which route to use to exit the home, possibly saving their life.

The most important factor to keep in mind while planning your fire escape route is time. Ask yourself what the fastest way out of your house is, and base your escape route on that. Speed is important because the more time you spend in a burning building, the more dangerous your surroundings become. When exiting the home keep moving until you are out. Do not stop to pick up any of your valuables or personal belongings. Your own life is the only thing you need to be worried about because it cannot be replaced like your personal belongings can be. Because a fire could potentially break out in any room of your home, it is important to include all rooms in your fire escape plan. By going over every room in your escape plan, both you and your children will be more familiar with the layout of your house. This will give you a great advantage when trying to escape from a fire. Another good thing to teach your children is how to remove screens from the windows so that if need be, they can escape through a window. If you have a multi story home, invest in a collapsible ladder, which you can climb down from if you need to escape from a top floor window.

Be sure your children are aware that when exiting the home, they should be on their hands and knees. Conduct all fire drills in this fashion also because the home looks different from this level and familiarity is very important to being able to successfully leaving the home. Explaining to your children, the dangers of smoke, and how important it is to try to avoid it at all costs could save their life. When opening a door during a fire, be sure to feel it first for heat so you can properly judge if there are flames on the other side. In the event you cannot open a door because it is hot, move on to the next planned escape route.

fire-escapeAfter covering all possible exit routes from the home, and it has been made clear where everyone should exit depending on what room they are in when the fires tarts. You need to decide on a safe meeting spot outside the home. This spot should be far enough away from the home that it cannot be reached by smoke coming out of the house. Everybody needs to know how important it is to meet in this specified area. If everybody goes to a different location, you will not know if the others are safe. Many have died by re-entering a burning building to find loved ones that did not show up at the designated meeting spot. Those with firefighter jobs are the only ones who should ever re-enter the home. Once everyone is at the special meeting spot, the fire department should be called so that people with the qualifications to become a firefighter can come and extinguish the fire. To be sure that you and your family are always safe, make sure that you practice often. Make fire safety a permanent part of your household.

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