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Child Fire Safety

Fire departments are once again trying to educate people and families on the important issue of fire protection and safety. A small fire can quickly turn into a raging inferno in a very short period of time. Because of this, it is extremely important to educate yourself as well as your children about fire safety.

The number one cause of house fires started by children happened with a lighter or matches. Children seem to find matches and lighters irresistible and can quickly learn how to use them even if they have a child safety feature. These items should always be kept out of reach from the child in order to prevent a possible tragedy. If your child begins showing an interest in fire or matches, there is help you can receive in the form of counseling. The counseling provided will help your child redirect these dangerous desires toward something that is not life threatening or dangerous. Most adolescents, who are “fire starters” and have committed arson, openly admit to having played with matches and lighters often as children. To remove any possible temptation, always keep any matches or lighters in a place where children will not have access.

Another major cause of fire injury with children is clothing related fires, which occur when a child becomes too close to an open flame or source of heat such as a stove element. This may cause their clothing to catch fire. Teaching children at an early age about fire and the damage it can cause will help them to develop a respect for fire. Child fire education may include the basics of what they should do in the event of a fire, or how to “stop, drop, and roll”. This is an important part of firefighter training, and is especially important for a child to learn because their first instinct may be to run away if they catch fire. The concept of stop, drop, and roll is a simple one, but it could save your children’s life. It is also important to always make sure your child is supervised to prevent any possible fire accident from happening in the first place.

child-fire-safetyA law was passed in the 1970′s indicating that all children’s sleepwear had to be manufactured from flame retardant or self extinguishing fabric. Before this law passed, fire related death of children was at an all time high. This decreased by over ninety percent once the law went into effect. This change helped to raise the general awareness of fire dangers and also resulted in another step toward better fire safety and protection practices. Part of a firefighter’s job is to warn parents about possible sleeping garments such as t-shirts and shorts, which are not manufactured out of a flame retardant fabric. You should always read the label on the clothing your child sleeps in, because if your child is not protected with flame retardant or self extinguishing fabrics while they’re sleeping, it could literally be a matter of life and death.

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