Become A Fireman

After a House Fire

The reason people become a firefighter is to help you in fire related situations where you can not help yourself. If you have a house fire, firefighters will come to the rescue to extinguish the flames. Once the fire has been put out, and the damage has been done, it can be hard to recover from.

Anybody who has suffered through the traumatic experience, and lived through a house fire can tell you how devastating it can be to your life. Everything changes all at once and you have no control over it. However, after the experience of being through a house fire, there are things you can do to regain control of your life, and ensure your stability. Although a house fire is life changing, do not allow it to be life shattering.

As long as everyone got out of the home safely and the firefighters job has been completed, ceasing the fire, if neither you, nor your loved ones have suffered any physical injuries or health concerns, you can breathe a sigh of relief and take the time you need to rest. The shock of being in a house fire needs time to wear off, and your nerves need to straighten out before you can attempt to deal with anything else. The first 24 hours following a fire should be used to gain any possible necessary items you may have lost in the fire. Such items include medicines, clothing, food, and temporary shelter. Disaster relief organizations such as the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army may be able to provide you with these necessities. Directly following a fire, it may be tempting to re-enter the home to claim any personal items you can. This is not recommended, as the stability of the home may have been jeopardized during the fire, and it may be unsafe to go inside. Also, fires may re-ignite putting your safety at risk again. Any foods, medications, or drinks that were in the home during the house fire should be disposed of, as they will no longer be usable.

Once you leave your home, you may want to board up any possible openings in your home that trespassers may enter. Also, contact your local police department to let them know your home will be unoccupied temporarily. For insurance purposes, keep every receipt for any money you spend as a result of the fire as these will be necessary to verify any losses you will claim on your income tax forms. If you are able to go back inside your home, make sure you plan it ahead of time. Think of where things are located in the house and plan a walk-through to gather any personal belongings and valuables. Some important items you may want to retrieve are your identification such as driver’s license, birth certificates, and social security cards. You will also need your insurance information, and prescription medication information. If any family members have lost eyeglasses try to find those as well. Finally, make sure to gather any valuables such as bankbooks, cash, credit cards, or jewelry.

house-fireAlways keep in mind that certain people will need to be notified of your relocation, even though it will be temporary. Be sure to let family and friends know so that they will not be worried about you. Let your employer and children’s school know as well. Any delivery services will need to know your new address so that you can have deliveries put on hold for a period of time. Your temporary address will need to be given to the post office so your mail can be re-routed. Utility companies should be informed of a new address as well as the fire department information in case they have any questions regarding the fire, or if any situations arise. It is very difficult trying to remember everything once you have been through a fire, but these are all very important things, which need to be done, in order to lessen the ongoing trauma of a house fire.

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