Become A Fireman

Can Anyone Become A Fireman?

When most people think of firefighters, they think of average men and women who just happen to do extraordinary things for their community. However, firefighters are not just average people, they possess incredible traits that help them do their jobs, and do them well. Five traits which are common amongst firefighters are: being resilient, the ability to be flexible, motivation to get the job done, being resourceful, and honesty. Becoming a firefighter must begin on the inside, and many of the personality traits a fireman has cannot be taught.

If a person is to become a fireman, they need to be honest both with themselves, and with the people around them. Sometimes the biggest truth a fireman can tell himself is that he is not a hero. In order to do a good job, a fireman must accept both his strengths, and his weaknesses, and use both in the best way he can. True honesty means that when a firefighter is faced with a challenge above his abilities, he will admit to himself that he is not invincible, and by doing so he can prevent himself, and others from being hurt. Honesty is so important when becoming a firefighter because you need to be trusted with the lives of others and you must also trust other firefighters with your life. A fireman must also realize, that there will be times when he cannot save everybody, because sooner or later he will be faced with the reality that even though his job is to save the lives of others, he may lose someone.

In order to do a better job, a fireman must have resourcefulness, flexibility, resiliency, and be able to motivate himself and others. Firefighters are dedicated to their jobs, and you will never hear one say that they had to miss a fire because they had other plans. Fireman wives can confirm that oftentimes the dedication of a firefighter goes far and beyond the standard working hours.

For a firefighters, being resourceful is important because sometimes they will be faced with a situation where the usual method and tools for dealing with it are unavailable. Because of this, firefighters need to improvise with whatever tools are available to them. For instance: If there was a situation in which the fireman ran out of splints due to the number of people at an accident scene, he would need to think of an alternative quickly.

Motivation is also an important trait that all firefighters should have. Motivation gives each fireman the drive they need to get the job done. They can easily motivate themselves and each other, getting them excited and ready for each call.

rookie-firefightersAll of these traits are important not only to the firefighter, but to anyone he or she crosses paths with. Of all the traits previously discussed, the most important one is by far honesty. It is not a luxury, but a requirement for this field of work. First and foremost, you need to trust yourself in order for the people you help, as well as other firefighters to trust you. If you are a person who have these traits, you could become a firefighter.

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